"After 10 minutes with Personal Touch I feel as though a whole weight has been taken off my shoulders and I am ready to take on the world with renewed vigour!"
Lewis Eccleston , MD
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Why have a fit workforce

• A recent survey suggested that up to 75% of GP
  visits were clearly identified as having a stress
  related cause.
• The annual cost to industry is estimated at around
  £6 Billion with countless days of lost productivity. 
Repetitive Strain Injury is on the increase with
  employee’s spending seemingly ever increasing
  hours at their workstations.
• Many other conscientious corporations are providing
  the utmost care and assistance in order to avoid
  such injuries, ease stress and related
  muscle tension.

Benefits of using the Personal Touch
Gym Design team:

• Selection of the most effective equipment from a
  variety of manufacturers
Best prices
Full expert CAD layout plan
• Fully managed installation
• New and Refurbished equipment to suit all budgets
• Full equipment training to gym staff (if appropriate)
• Full equipment inductions for all staff (if unmanned)

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Personal Touch Corporate services include:

• Staff fitness audit- what is the current fitness status of your staff?
• Staff diet audit – what is the current dietary status of your staff?
• Identification of ‘danger zones’- identification of potential ‘time bombs’
• Individual or group exercise classes, with the ability to offer extra
  one-to-one sessions as perks to those achieving KPI’s
• Individual or group dietary programmes
• Productivity improvement programmes
• Weekly health related lectures- topics denoted by identified staff needs
• Up- to-date nutritional training with your staff restaurants
• Well-being classes tailored to your specific HR needs.
• Group or individual massage and injury (RSI, backache)
   prevention classes
• 12-week courses or on-going programmes available
• Health Goal setting with re-assessments at set periods throughout
   the year, i.e. bi-monthly, quarterly, annually.
• The very best value package available today

Personal Touch Corporate Gym Design and Installation
Personal Touch are also pleased to offer a full design and installation service. We have worked with the industries major players and are now in a position to offer our Corporate clients an unbiased choice of equipment.





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