"Working with Personal Touch has changed my life! Looking to gain weight, I had been feeling weak, tired and prone to colds. They designed me programmes to build up my strength and I have never felt healthier. The programmes are changed every 4 weeks so you never get bored and even if you go into a session feeling tired, you come out, without question, feeling better!"
Lady Robin Russell, Restaurateur
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What our clients say about us!

Jo Elliott, Property Developer
I was taught me listen to your body and not to punish yourself. I could finally see the weight loss. Friends were commenting all the time. My injuries were no longer and my tiredness disappeared! Personal Touch changed my body from a size 16 to a size 10 within 6 months. The exercising was challenging but fun. I have recommended Personal Touch to my other friends. Why keep a secret that can make you feel so good!!

Lewis Eccleston, MD
Having had a lower back problem for years, my back ruled me, within 9 months Personal Touch got me fitter and healthier than I was when I was 25 (I was 42 at the time!). I lost 1 ½ stones on the diet and my back became trouble free…. After 10 minutes in to a session, I feel as though a whole weight has been taken off my shoulders and I am ready to take on the world with renewed vigour! I never would have been able to achieve this without the help of Personal Touch . I feel like a new man. Personal Touch has changed my life! Everyone needs the Personal Touch!

England Netball Association
Very good massage!

Laura’s slog, Laura Scobey, MK Citizen
Most definitely a worthwhile experience

Elizabeth Fuller, Housewife
The service is excellent

Polly McLean, Housewife
A very extensive knowledge of diet, health and fitness and an amazing knack of pushing you harder just as you are getting used to the current programme.

Kate Mulcahy, Consultant
I loved the variety in the exercise and the interest taken in the whole person. Also Personal Touch make it fun, so 30 mins exercise just flies by!

Eileen Timothy, Retired
Eighteen months ago, I suffered a depressed fracture of the tibia (I broke my leg! ) and following surgery and a bone graft ,decided I needed a programme of exercises and massage in order to continue enjoying my retirement activities of walking, gardening etc. Personal Touch 's caring treatment provided me with the professional, detailed structure necessary to make excellent progress. I have even taken up golf again after a break of thirty years!

Hazel Barlow, HR Director
One-to-one Pilates with Personal Touch has dropped my dress size from 14 to 8!

Kirk Barlow, MD
I have been using Personal Touch for the last 3 years and can highly recommend both the personal training and the sports massage services. The training programmes Personal Touch devised are tailored specifically to meet my needs and requirements including weight loss, general fitness and targeted development plans - and they deliver.

Peter Carroll, Financial Director
I first discovered Personal Touch some 4 years ago.At that time I had a rough idea that doing more fitness and stretch should enable me to keep away the aches and pains of an everyday busy life, but none of the so-called experts I had seen by then were actually very expert at giving me the right kind of advice. Personal Touch were able to analyse what I needed and tailored an initial programme for me which has since been changed and expanded as we identify what works best for me. As well as fitness training and stretching exercises, my programme incorporates pilates exercises and a sports massage. Personal Touch has the ability to find out what makes a person 'tick' and I feel their skills have greatly helped me over the past four years.





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