"When I broke my leg, Personal Touch 's caring treatment provided me with the professional, detailed structure necessary to make excellent progress."
Eileen Timothy, Retired
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Benefits of a Personal Touch Massage

  • Repair & rehabilitate injured muscles
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite
  • Improved skin tone and colour
  • Improved body cleansing
  • Enhanced well-being
  • Aids relaxation and de-stresses

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Sports Massage, Therapy and Rehabilitation

What Personal Touch Therapy offers

  • Industry leading assessment and treatment
  • Relief and repair from ongoing pains, i.e. low back problems
  • Full rehabilitation from injury
  • Repair of old and new sporting injuries
  • Advice on injury prevention during exercise throughout your entire training programme.
  • Specialist rehabilitation packages (including massage, manipulation, exercise and diet routines) which can be built into your training programme as necessary.

Types of Personal Touch Massage

  • Sports/Remedial massage has become extremely popular and is an excellent treatment before and after vigorous activity. It improves the endurance and efficiency of muscles, relieves muscle tension and helps prevent injury. This deep tissue massage is also suitable for those who want a firm massage to rid the body of toxins and loosen tight muscles to aid relaxation
  • Swedish massage is also a popular type of massage for those people wishing to have a gentler, calming massage.



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